Progress in layouts at the Spilyay Tymoo

When I arrived at the Spilyay the publication's appearance had gone from a long-held design with the publication's original 1976 masthead (top left section in the image below, dated April 2000), to one that abandoned the masthead in a dispute between the artist and publisher while leaving some design elements intact, to a front page that had abandoned most design principles in favor of sheer survival (top center, dated early January 2001).

On my arrival in mid-January 2001, we immediately went from cut-and-paste layout to full digitization (to disk) and incorporated basic headline weighting and modular design principles immediately (top right).

After several weeks of meetings and a publisher's veto of returning the traditional masthead, we created a new mast incorporating a drawing by a local artist and new typography that employs more air and emphasis on photography (bottom left).

Full color was added (bottom center) in June 2001, and consistent front page layouts were in place by the end of the year (bottom right).

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